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In addition to more than 40 years of experience in hydroseeding, ATL has also been involved in designing and building special recultivation equipment for more than twenty years. We do not just sell our machines, but use them daily in the greening of many thousands of square meters, our hydro seeders are state of the art. The experience gained in daily implementation is fed directly and immediately into production of those machines.

The machine (Hydroseeder) used in Kenya is equipped from the basic lorry with a separate unit for the hydroseeding exercise to ensure effective operations

  • a tank with a capacity of about 6.000 liters
  • a stirring device in the tank that keeps the substances in homogeneous suspension to guarantee an even greening result
  • a specially constructed pump system providing the required pressure, that can spray and suck to fill the tank (sometimes with the assistance of a pump)
  • devices and nozzles with hoses, that allow to reach areas difficult to access with the heavy truck up to 100 m from the machine (application from the ground)
  • a lift to facilitate lading


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